Anaesthesia Trolley


Parameters of single-row anaesthesia cart: Car body size: 750*480*920

  1. Suitable for medical staff to give first aid to patients.
  2. The main body is composed of aluminum, steel and ABS new material engineering structure, four-column load-bearing.
  3. ABS double bottom injection molding process to form the table, recessed design can prevent items from falling, 304 stainless steel three-sided fence, the table is equipped with transparent soft glass.
  4. Front: Central lock, three-fold silent track, designed with 5 drawers, two small drawers (height is 7 cm), two middle drawers. (Height is 12 cm), one large drawer/ (height is 24 Cm), there are 3*3 compartments and 16 small compartments in each drawer, which can be separated freely. The table is equipped with a single row of five anaesthesia boxes for medicine use, and the anaesthesia box bracket can be raised and lowered to adjust the height.

Left side: equipped with assistant working desk

Right side: two trash cans, luxurious silent casters, (two with brakes, two without brakes) anti-curling hair


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