Comen C80 Patient Monitor


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IPX1 level waterproof cabinet design & sturdy housing

Color TFT display, touch screen

Various interface: Standard display, Big font display, 9 waveforms display, trends graph display,OxyCRG display, Dual view display

Multi-language and handwriting support

Special NIBP socket dust shield

7-Lead ECG or 12-lead ECG analysis

EtCO2 socket reserved, support hot plugging

Arrhythmia, S-T segment analysis, drug dose calculation

Pacemaker detection, Anti- defibrillate

External monitor connector (VGA output)

120 hours trends graph recall , 120 hours trends table recall, 1000 groups of NIBP list, 500 alarm events

3-level audio/visual alarm, alarm limit display

AC/DC power supply, pluggable built-in rechargeable battery, power-off data protection

Multi expanded functions reserved, such as SD socket, USB socket and Network socket

Standard Configuration

12-leads ECG/HR, OxiMax SpO2,PR,NIBP,RESP,TEMP, EtCO2 Socket Reserved, Nurse Call System, Touch Screen, Handwriting Pen, lin-ion Battery

Optional Configuration

Dual TEMP, Thermal Recorder, Nellcor SpO2,12-lead ECG, Single/Double IBP, Mainstream/Sidestream EtCO2, ICG, Anesthesia Gas, CF Card, Optional Accessories for Neonate, Pediatric and Adult

Model: C80


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