12-channel digital electrocardiograph.

The new 12-channel ECG has been improved on the basis of the original one by adopting advanced technologies and streamlined workflow to meet the doctor’s clinical demands. The new ECG-1210 will absolutely enhance the doctor’s diagnostic confidence.


Excellence in measurement and interpretation:

The ECG analysis program has been proven by official CSE database evaluation with high accuracy and reliability in measurement and interpretation.


Analysis for adult and paediatrics:

  • 0.01 Hz for high-pass filter, more sensitive in weaker ECG signal detection, contributes to undistorted ST-segment measurement and analysis.
  • Exclusive analysis module for paediatrics with 250Hz low-pass filter meets the latest standard of AHA/ACC/HRS 2007.


Arrhythmia detection:

  • Auto-trigger printing when arrhythmia is detected under trigger mode.
  • Extending printing prompt.


R- R analysis 
  • Up to 300 seconds, R-R analysis in 1 or 3 rhythm leads for easier arrhythmia locating.
  • R-R trend and histogram for clinical reference.


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